Las Vegas Electrician - PDQ Services NV | Why Do My Lights Flicker?
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Why Do My Lights Flicker?

PDQ Electric was called out to investigate why the living room lights flickered when the disposal was turned on. We did a complete panel service to make sure that there where no loose or bad connections that could cause the lights to flicker before calling the utility department. We found a couple of loose wires but the problem persisted. PDQ Electric knew it was a neutral issue do to the fact that in was a common problem between multiple circuits.

After completing a full panel service, we called Utility Department to investigate the neutral connections on their side of the equipment and they found that the neutral was loose and arcing. Every time a motor load was energized it caused the connection to arc and reduced the ability for current to flow.  If you ever have problems with the electrical service in your home do yourself a favor and contact the professional at PDQ Electric.