Las Vegas Electrician - PDQ Services NV | Maintenance of your Electrical Service Panel
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Maintenance of your Electrical Service Panel

Previously, we learned about keeping your home electrical panel clear. Now it is time to learn about servicing your panel. There are a number of reasons you should service your electrical panel. First and foremost is the safety of life and property. How does regular maintenance accomplish this? Let’s first understand how a panel works. Your electrical services panel is where you turn power on and off. The panel is what distributes electrical current to the various circuits within your home from your local utility. The consumption of electrical energy causes heat  generation. It also causes metal to expand and contract from the metal heating and cooling. Controlling the heat is one very important part for a health panel.

How is the heat controlled? When the electrician installs any electrical system for your home or business it is designed with the National Electrical Code (NEC) in mind. The NEC has set standards to insure that heat is keep to a minimum for the safe operation of your home thru proper wire sizes, circuit breakers and a craftsmanship like work manner.